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FTF Friday: Video
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For The Fort Friday

Simple ways to be FOR our community!

Everyone loves a random act of kindness. In order to show people we are For the Fort, we’re introducing For The Fort Friday’s. Each Friday we’re asking you to wear your For The Fort t-shirt and participate in a challenge to show people we are FOR them. Some challenges you can do while going about your daily life and others will ask that you get out of your comfort zone just a little.

Remember For the Fort is about showing our community that we, and Jesus, are FOR them. Showing people love with small acts of kindness without expecting anything in return is just one way we can change the perception that the church is known for what it’s against. 

If someone asks you: “What’s For the Fort?” Tell them this: “I go to Saint Joseph UMC and we want to show our community that we are FOR the Fort, FOR families, and FOR you.” Otherwise, do the challenge with a smile and let your act of kindness show them God’s love. 

FTF Friday: About Us

2019 For The Fort Friday Challenges

  • Generously tip a barista

  • Thank your garbage truck driver

  • Write a positive review of a business online

  • Leave a happy fun note on someone's windshield

  • Pay for the person's meal behind you in the drive-thru

  • Mow someone's yard

  • Sit with someone different at school/work

  • Give a helping hand to someone in the grocery store

  • Give your waiter/waitress a generous tip & write them a quick note of thanks

  • Write a thank you note to a city/county worker

  • Hold the door open for people

  • Put a flag on a veteran's grave

  • Pay for a families ride at the zoo

  • Take cookies to your neighbor

  • Share the For The Fort Overview video

  • Thank your mail carrier

  • Donate bus passes to the Shepherd's house

  • Do something nice for someone at Three Rivers

  • Give a first responder a cup of coffee

  • Take a treat to your mechanic

  • Take a prayer walk through your neighborhood

  • Give high fives to school kids walking into school

  • Donate sweatpants, socks and underwear to an elementary school

  • Thank a construction worker

  • Share the suicide prevention hotline number on your social media

  • Write a note to someone who's made an impact on your life

  • Volunteer your time for a local non-profit

  • Smile at strangers

  • Turn off the electronics for family/friend game night

  • Do a chore for someone you don't normally do

  • Spread Halloween cheer with a joke or extra candy

  • Donate non-perishables to the Veteran's Food Bank

  • Rake someone's leaves

  • Thank a cashier

  • Donate a toy for a Christmas gift

  • Support a family friendly event by donating items or your time

  • Tie a scarf, hat and gloves to a tree

  • Payoff a layaway tab for someone

FTF Friday: Text

Tell us about your experience with For The Fort Friday!

Did you participate in a For The Fort Friday and have an experience you want to share with us? Were you impacted by a For The Fort Friday and want to tell us what it meant to you? 

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